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Healthy Recipe-Granola Topping

I call this a topping because used any other way would be adding too many calories and fat to your day.  Granola is often perceived as a crunchy healthy cereal.  Virtually all commercial granolas have added oil as well as sugars.  This is a recipe that I have modified from the raw food cookbook of […]
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Blog post: A sneak peak at our nutrition class

I would like to share a little about what is happening in our nutrition classes. This is the second week and we have three levels of classes currently in session. Today, in the Level 2 class we did some menu sharing as well as sharing positive and negatives that happened last week in our plant […]
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October Updates!

The membership practice has officially begun, and we are excited to help all members reach their best health yet and follow them along their journey to health and wellness! Dr. Dulaney will be quite busy this month with speaking engagements. This week, Dr. Dulaney attended and spoke at a screening of “What the Health” in Naples, FL […]
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Podcast with Addie Dulaney-Majnaric RD

Welcome and thank you for listening. We are close to 200,000 downloads! Help me to spread the word and share the podcast with your friends. I am proud to have my daughter on the podcast today. Addie Dulaney-Majnaric RD. In our house we believe everything happens for a reason. Our journeys unfold just as they […]
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Podcast Episode 134: Plant Strong Ironman

Welcome and thank you for listening and following me.  The Ironman race is over and I completed my fifth Iron distance race.  This is actually a little longer than usual.  It is a 2.4 mile swim, a 116 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run.  I feel great, now.  I discuss the details in […]
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Healthy Recipes: Blueberry Corn Pancakes

Weekend Mornings can be a good time for a special breakfast. My daughter always looked forward to going to breakfast with my parents. Pancakes were one of her favorites. But if you go out they are make with milk, eggs, and butter with a sugary sauce and an big slab of butter when served. They […]
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