Healthy Recipe-Granola Topping

I call this a topping because used any other way would be adding too many calories and fat to your day.  Granola is often perceived as a crunchy healthy cereal.  Virtually all commercial granolas have added oil as well as sugars.  This is a recipe that I have modified from the raw food cookbook of Mathew Kenney.  Most days I enjoy a breakfast of fruit with a few nuts and seeds for my Omega 3 fatty acids and a little crunch.  This recipe allows a little different twist.


1 cup of sunflower seeds soaked overnight

1 cup walnuts soaked overnight

1 cup almonds soaked overnight

1 cup of pumpkin seeds

1 cup of organic rolled oats

1 apple chopped

1/2 cup of raisins

1 cup of strawberries or other berries

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of clove

Rinse the nuts and seeds  with water in a colander.  In a food processor:  Pulse the chopped apple, berries, and raisins until smooth.  Add the cinnamon and clove and mix.  Place contents in a large mixing bowl.  Don’t bother to clean out the food processor.  Add the pumpkin seeds, oats, almonds and walnuts and pulse until well blended.  Add the mixture to the mixing bowl.  Add the sunflower seeds to the food processor and pulse just enough to break but not puree.  Add to the mixing bowl and stir all the ingredients together.  Spread the mixture on the dehydrator sheets until about 1/4 inch thick( think thin crust pizza).  This usually yields two full sheet and sometimes a small third.  Dehydrate on 110 degrees for 10 hours.  Flip the granola allowing the under side to dry for another 2 hours or until the sheet is crips.  Break into small pieces and place into jars or an airtight  container.  It will last a week.


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