Podcast: Excusitarian Series: No time to Eat Well with Timaree Hagenburger

Board Certified, Internal Medicine and Cardiology
eCornell Plant Based Nutrition Certification

Welcome and Happy New Year. This is the 9th episode with Timaree Hagenburger in our Excusitarian series. No time to eat well. Our time and our health are two of our most important commodities and they both are very much intertwined. If we do not take the time to eat well, we will not be healthy and our time for disease free happiness will be limited. During this episode we talk about time, convenience, and perceived cost of eating plant-based. It may seem like it takes more time to prepare plant-based food at home, but in reality, it doe not compared to driving to a restaruant, parking, ordering, waiting, and driving home. Even going to the window for fast food requires effort and the expense is on average $8.00 vs those enticing value deals. These foods leave you wanting more because they do not satisfy the nutrients your body desires and you continue to pick at junk foods trying to get satisfied. This way also leads to weight gain, feeling poorly, and looking for supplements to help with feeling better and loosing weight. Presciption and over the counter medication cost for indigestion from eating oily and high fat prepared foods must be added into the cost equation. How about that extra BP or water pill needed because of the extra salt in take out or restaruant foods?
You can actually save time by making meatless meals at home. Vegetables take less time to cook and also carry less risk of bacterial contaminaton and spoiling. Clean-up is also quicker without the grease and oils that get stuck to the pan with eating animal products and using cooking oils. We will discuss tips to make being prepared and for avoiding those mindless moments when you grab something that you regret.
Check out Timaree’s book, The Foodie Bar Way and her website and follow her on Instagram @theNutriProf.

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