Be Plant-Based Prepared

Here in Southwest Florida, we are anxiously awaiting the end of hurricane season. We wanted to go ahead and provide you with tips for being prepared in terms of your nutrition, as well as an example list of items to stock up on in case of an emergency.

The good news is that being plant-based takes much of the food safety risk out of your food storage situation should you lose electricity for some time. Without meat or dairy products, your exposure to food borne pathogens decreases dramatically. The shelf life of your vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and seeds are quite long as well, even when not refrigerated. All in all, you are already ahead of the game if you are stocked on your normal food items. Below is an example list that should get you through a storm/loss of power.


Food Checklist
• water
• canned beans
• bananas
• apples
• oranges
• oats (can be soaked overnight)
• homemade granola bars
• nuts & seeds
• nut butters
• whole grain bread
• canned soup
• canned vegetables
• rice
• pasta
• potatoes
• food supplies for your furry friends


We hope you are never in harm’s way, however things do happen and it is always better to have a plan and prepare the best that you can!

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