Blogpost: Time

One of my favorite bands growing up was Chicago; Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? I am pretty certain we all want more. More time with our family and friends. More time to do the things that really matter. How much time is lost wishing for more time?

We take the future time for granted. Delegating plans and dreams to it as if we new it existed. You cannot be sure that there will be a tomorrow or even a tonight, yet the human spirit and hope lets us dream of a brighter tomorrow. When we are young, the tomorrows seem endless, but as we age they can become less hopeful and more scary. Tomorrows end up causing a lot of sleepless nights. We worry about how we will deal with the tomorrow we expect or dream of even though none of us are that good at predicting the future. I get angry when a fellow physician puts a number on someone life expectancy. Is it ery that is is always a multiple of 6? 6 weeks, months…Rest assured they are always wrong. Physicans don’t have an App to predict mortality.

There is one piece of time that we have ultimate control over and that is now, the present. I heard Jesse Itzler say, “where your feet are”. I thought about my feet today as I was running. Step, step, step. How did I land? What was my breath like? What sounds did I hear? Now is a magical moment that can build a memory or spark an idea. It is a time to choose to be optimistic or doubtful. Angry or sad. It is the perfect time to get started. It is a grand opportunity to do what you have always wanted. The first step that leads to the next.

If there is magic at the moment of birth and an overwhelming peace at the last breath, then why can’t this present moment be as special? We just have to have the courage to be where are feet are, where our breath is, and choose to make this a magical moment. It may be the moment that you sit with a special plate you prepared that is colorful and full of nutrient rich food. It may be the sounds you hear as you step outside to go for a walk or run. It may be the sound of family and friends that you enjoy being around. Tomorrow doesn’t matter if today is not embraced. The opportunity is now under your feet. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. It might just be magical.

Thank you Klin for showing Dawn, Barb and I how a cowboy rides magically into the sunset. RIP. 11/08/28-9/13/19.

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