Podcast: Interview with Will Falconer, DVM-Immune function in you and your pet

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Do you eat fast food? Do you feed your dog fast food?  Do you suffer from inflammatory diseases?  How about your furry companion?  The leading cause of taking a pet to the veterinarian is allergies or skin conditions.  These conditions are often a manifestation of poor immune health.  What are the contributing factors?  What can we learn about ourselves by looking at our animal’s health? 

This episode features Dr. Wil Falconer, DVM.  We discuss how nutrition and over preventative treatments leads to poor immune function in our pets, and how we can help them to regain their health.  This is just another example of how important nutrition is to the health of people, animals ,and the planet.  What we consume is directly reflected through our appearance, health and overall immune function.  

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    Suzanne Matthews

    Dr. Falconer sounds like a wonderful vet…….

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