Podcast: You can Choose Health

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! Today I am going to share with you a few stories that you might just identify with.  Sometimes, people think they have more trouble changing than others.  Or perhaps they have more trouble with support than others.  It is really not true.   

Don’t feel bad that your family does not support your nutritional choices.  It is not you, it is them.  They are not ready to change, and they don’t want to admit they are struggling as well.  No one want to be sick or overweight.   They don’t want to admit their food choices are making them sick.  

However, you do deserve health and support.  Perhaps we could declare the golden rule of nutrition.  If you don’t like mine, at least support me in my presence.  If you are paying the bill, you get to choose.  If it is your house, you get to choose.  Eat your vegetables and fruit.  Be kind to others.  Respect your parents.  You have the power to choose health even it others elect not to.  

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Thank you for listening. 

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    What a great Podcast!!!!! This was my favorite so far…….I love that your animals and family were included…….such great words to listen to…..
    I could never live without my wonderful animals…….I have kitties……..eight…but feed whoever comes to my house if they are hungry
    (Animals)……… most people I know personally,are sick or have a lot of chronic health problems…I have tried to help them through a better diet, plant based ,but they don’t want to listen to it or refuse to change……..but when I come to Dr. Dulaney’s nutrition classes I am so uplifted and excited to be surrounded by those who really care about being healthy and not eating animals………this was wonderful…..can’ thank you enough…….

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