Podcast: My ONE-SIDED Debate on Healthcare

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The perfect debate question to me is a problem defined. and then solved by the debating parties.  We did not see much of that during this week’s debate.  So I have taken it upon myself to debate the healthcare issue.  Firstly, it should be defined as sick care because there is little investment in health.  How to make America healthy again?  I believe it can be done without doing harm.  

Let’s address the obese elephant in the room shall we?  Vaccine and safety?  What are the risk vs benefits?  What about skin in the health game? How much pain is needed to push someone to a healthier lifestyle?  When does our choice affect others?

I will give you my opinion on many of these topics on this episode.  Let’s start with what we all have in common.  

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Thanks for listening !

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    Pat Walker

    As usual you have lots of good information. Important information here, ” Find commonalities that hold us together rather than separate us!!!”” So important. thank you for being you!!

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    Charles Culp

    Thank you Dr Dulaney for another amazing podcast! One would think that folks receiving SNAP benefits for food assistance would be required to spend our tax dollars on actual food., Using benefits for processed “food like substances” that are masquerading as food is immoral and needs to stop!! One cannot use SNAP benefits for obtaining alcoholic or tobacco products, so why allow them to be used for substances proven to cause disease and having little nutritional value?

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    Good show! Each point well made.
    I caught your Chef AJ interview and was so impressed. Well done. Bravo!
    Wish more physicians followed your path! Always hopeful…

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