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Podcast: Find Another Channel

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. How many people blame their orthopedic problems on adolescent injuries?  According to the CDC about 58.5 million adults have arthritis.  43.9% of those people report that it is an activity limiter.  50% of those greater than age 65 are unable to work or are disabled because of arthritis.  51% […]
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Podcast: Have You Eaten Your Flavonoids Today?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Everything we need for optimal health and wellness, we can get from plants.  We can grow plants sustainably and compassionately, as well as being able to provide enough food for all.  Plants make flavonoids as protection for themselves.  They can’t run from predators such as bugs, worms and poisons. […]
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Podcast: If Grizzlies Eat Plants, Why Can’t You?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Grizzly bears eat a lot of plants because catching animals is not that easy.  Wolves are carnivores but are only successful at capturing their prey 30% of their efforts.  If these to predators don’t eat meat every day then why do humans?  Our lifestyle diseases are largely from metabolic […]
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Blogpost: I Don’t See You in the Hospital Anymore

As a cardiologist, I have spent decades rounding in the mornings and evenings, doing cardiac procedures at my area hospitals, and taking night call seven days a week. Then plants came along. We started with a test evening nutrition class that gradually morphed into three weekly nutrition classes. Since I am a solo practitioner, I […]
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Are you focused on achieving health or a number?

A Thursday Thought from Dietitian Addie Focusing on either maintaining or improving your current health is FABULOUS! Virtual HIGH-FIVE to you for noting the importance of taking care of your body by both what you eat and how you move! But are you truly looking at health changes or are you just a slave to […]
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Podcast: They Don’t Know What They Are Missing

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Have you ever heard of Falafalous Freekah Patties? How about Spanish Quinoa saut√©? How many meals do you eat each week that have no ties to a box? Do you take time to appreciate your plate before consuming the food?  Are kitchen tasks something to be avoided, so take […]
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