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How many people blame their orthopedic problems on adolescent injuries?  According to the CDC about 58.5 million adults have arthritis.  43.9% of those people report that it is an activity limiter. 

50% of those greater than age 65 are unable to work or are disabled because of arthritis.  51% classify their health as poor.  Over half of these people have BMIs that are classified as obese.  Are all of these people suffering from overuse or traumatic injuries?  Why do adolescent injuries only begin to show up in the 5th or 6th decade of life? 

Osteoarthritis was once thought of as overuse or traumatic in etiology.  However, there is a large inflammatory component if examined at the cellular level. 

I believe the medical community has done another great disservice by promoting a similar dialogue of hopelessness.  It is damaged and will never be the same.  It will always hurt.  You can take this pain medication to ease the symptoms.  By the way there are side effects.  We have a medication for those.  Move if you can.  Oh, by the way here are some special shoes and a brace that will help.  It was probably caused by playing sports or carrying heavy objects so avoid those things.  What?????????

Let’s change the channel, shall we?  What happens to a door that is never opened?  It freezes shut.  The hinges rust, the pant fades, and the wood rots.  The wood that was once a vibrant tree supplied with nutrients by the roots and sun.  The metal hinges that were once minerals in the earth have been exposed to the elements and degrade.  Perhaps if we take the inflammatory foods off our plate, and move our bodies, we can keep the most wonderful moving object ever to roam the planet free from pain and destruction for many more years. 

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    Great podcast. Printing articles to read

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