Podcast: Atrial Fibrillation and Plant Based Nutrition

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Atrial fibrillation is one of the most common arrhythmias that people develop.  It can require hospitalization as well as long term medications that can have side effects.  I am often asked whether a plant based diet can prevent or reverse such arrhythmias.  The answer is possibly yes.  Yes, if risk factors such as hypertension, elevated BMI, diabetes, smoking, and sleep apnea can be reversed through lifestyle changes.  In a 29 year career as a cardiologist, I have not seen such a reversal take place with medication therapies alone.   In fact, a recent study confirmed that only 5.4% of people ever achieve risk factor control despite all of the medications available.

The good news is that a plant based diet and exercise can reverse the risk factors.  However, it takes a consistent daily commitment that is permanent. 

I will address some factors that help in making such lifestyle changes. 

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    Ruth and Bob Charlesworth

    Seven years ago my husband came to you after suffering an atrial fibrillation attack. He was put on medicine in the hospital. We went directly to you after that event. You gave him a thorough exam, evaluation and choice to stay on medicine or change to a plant based diet. He chose the plant based diet. Today we are firm believers and eat only plant based and enjoy it. Thanks to you and your wonderful knowledge my husband has not had any other heart event. We are grateful to God that at the age of 83 and 85 we can live healthy active lives. Thank you! Ruth and Bob Charlesworth, Murphy, North Carolina

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