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Podcast: Long Haul 100 Trail Run and Life Lessons

Welcome! and Thank you for listening  I raced the Long Haul 100 Mile Trail Race this past weekend.  There were many surprises and challenges over the 31 hours and 5 minutes that it took me to cross the finish line.  In fact, there was a time when I did not think I would see or […]
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Podcast: It’s All Muscle Doc

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Have you ever heard the saying, I’m not loosing weight but I am building muscle?  How much does a pound of muscle weight?  The same as a pound of feathers.  If your are working hard enough to build significant muscle, you will be burning energy and digging into your […]
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Podcast: 85 Years Young Vegan Ultramarathoner Paul Youd

Today I have Paul Youd on the podcast.  He is an 85 year old endurance athlete from the UK.  His knees bothered him so bad in his 50s that he stopped running and started biking.  Then he became vegan after learning about the cruel conditions factory farm animals endure.  One day chasing his grandson, he […]
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Podcast: A Plant Based Discussion on the Road

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I took this episode on the road to Riverwood Golf Community where I recorded a discussion of adopting a plant based lifestyle.  Two of my practice members, Bob and Judy Sparanese started a discussion group around plant based nutrition.  I was invited to give my perspective as a plant […]
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Podcast: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Whole Brain Living

Welcome and thank you for listening!  Today I am honored to have Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on the show.  She is the author of two incredible books.  The first is her chronicle and inside look as a neuroscientist on her own hemorrhagic stroke at age 37 entitled, My Stroke of Insight.  The second is her […]
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Podcast: Treasure Coast Marathon with Hutch Strahm

Welcome and Thank you for listening!! I am joined on this episode with apprentice endurance athlete in training Pastor Hutch Strahm.  We ran the Treasure Coast marathon this past weekend together along with Michael Hubbard.  It was the first marathon ever for Hutch who had not run a step in many years.  He started his […]
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