Podcast: It’s All Muscle Doc

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Have you ever heard the saying, I’m not loosing weight but I am building muscle?  How much does a pound of muscle weight?  The same as a pound of feathers.  If your are working hard enough to build significant muscle, you will be burning energy and digging into your fat stores.  Glycogen is stored primarily in muscle and is accompanied by water.  The only true way to measure muscle content with a Dexa scan.  However, it is not covered by most insurances and exposes one to radiation.  A bioelectrical impedance scale is not a bad weight to estimate muscle.  There are errors if someone retains water secondary to kidney or heart disease but can be used to see changes in body composition.  This episode will look at a study comparing various body measurements with longevity.  Spoiler alert; I hope you are carrying lots of muscle.  

Other topics: Vitamin D and Zinc.  How much and what levels are good?

Riding 1020 miles at 87 yrs young and Ninja Warrior at 71 on Prime time.  What are you waiting for, get out and move. 

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