Podcast: If Tootsie can, Why Can’t I?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Will I live to be 100 if I am plant based?  I have good genes so perhaps I don’t need to worry.  I exercise a lot so, I can eat what I want.  Now and then, a little won’t hurt you.  These are all things that you hear people say in order to justify dietary choices.  The reality is that there are many factors that go into longevity, and most people spin their own justifications for their behaviors.  

I hope that after today’s podcast, you will be able to answer some of the tough questions that are posed to people that have chosen to follow a plant strong lifestyle.  The reality is that the incidence of obesity and poorly controlled hypertension is increasing.  Our nation is becoming more and more unhealthy.  I believe that eating a diverse plant based diet along with vigorous exercise is much better than rolling the dice on good genes or ones ability to outrun a poor diet and lifestyle.  ,

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