Podcast: When did you first notice your health, or the lack of it?

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If you injured your knees playing football, then why did they not hurt until you were 40?  At what age did you become sedentary? When could you no longer touch your toes?  Is that even important? 

I am going to discuss those topics and more in today’s podcast.  I will also give you 6 plant based tasty menu ideas that will help you to get dinner on the table without stress.  What is a good reason to have a heart catheterization? How might you avoid it.   I hope you enjoy. 

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    Suzanne Matthew

    Very enjoyable podcast……….always learn something new……new recipes,new exercises and better ways to get and stay healthy……… is a fun and important journey,especially at times like this………where so many people have health issues ……..we need more doctors like Dr. Dulaney who know the keys to real healthcare………..

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    I loved the beginning of this podcast 🙂 This is the perfect podcast helping us to remember the concept of move it or lose it. I laughed outloud at the term “noassatall”…. gotta work those glutes!!! Off to run and do my lunges.

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