Podcast: Running with Dr. Matt Minard

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Today I have a guest, Dr. Matt Minard.  He is a physical therapist that specializes in running injury prevention and running mechanics.  There is a high incidence of runners that get injured.  Some would say that that is an excuse not to run.  However, the benefits of running markedly outweigh the risk of injury. In fact, runners have a less frequency of joint replacement than non-runners.  Running has been associated with a decreased risk of not only cardiovascular disease but cancer and cancer recurrence.  This is most likely from the anti-inflammatory benefits as well as the long-term reduction in sympathetic tone as seen in decrease blood pressure and heart rate.  The sense of well-being or perhaps runners high is associated with anti-depressant effects, and studies have shown that running can be a healthier alternative to medications. 

The problem with running is that we tend to do too much too quick whether that is volume or speed.  The most common injuries come from early stress to the small tendons, bones and ligaments that support our weight.  The biggest fallacy is permanent knee injury.  Most knee injuries are again associated with ligaments and tendons and not destruction of the joint. 

Most injuries arise from or are exacerbated by faulty mechanics.  A child runs perfect until we put clunky shoes on them.  Because we become more sedentary as we age, we are prone to more injuries when we suddenly take to running at a later age. 

Enter Dr Matt Minard.  He will share with us today some ques for more efficient and safer running with the goal of extending our running longevity for many years to come.   He has a podcast for those who like to listen, but I would suggest his Instagram clips and YouTube videos for excellent training tips and demonstrations.  He also does private analysis of running form and coaching if you become interested.   I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Instagram: Learn.2.Run

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