Podcast: Skid Row Marathon, an Interview with Judge Mitchell and Filmmaker Gabi Hayes

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  This episode features a discussion about the film, Skid Row Marathon.  I am joined by the honerable Judge Craig Mitchell, and filmmaker Gabi Hayes.  

Judgement is not often associated with compassion, but Judge Mitchell changes all of that.  He shares his love of running and his love with the runners at The Midnight Mission in L.A. California.  He has been showing up for over 5 years for 5 am runs and long runs with the those in recovery at the Mission.  Many former inmates and many still struggling with drug and alcohol recovery, they have found a person that believes in their worthiness as a human. The film takes you into the lives of the runners and Judge Mitchell’s tireless efforts to organize and take the runners on an International marathon each year.    Please enjoy this interview with the Judge and Gabi about the film.  But more importantly, go watch the movie, buy the DVD, share it with others, and even start a running group of your own.  If you are out on a walk, run, or bike ride never forget to great your fellow athlete as you pass by.  A word of encouragement or a simple smile might just make someone’s day.  

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    How perfect this podcast is—- at this time—- in our lives! I loved your comment Dr. Dulaney, “We can all be very different and go out for a run TOGETHER!” Everyone matters…. we can’t walk in their shoes but we can consider donating and helping others run to improve their lives. Going to go for a run and then watch the movie, Skid Row Marathon. Judge Mitchell and Gabi Hayes are such inspirational individuals that are truly making a difference in so many people’s lives. Thanks for introducing them to us!

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