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Podcast: Healthy Vegans!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   Healthy people, healthy animals, and a healthy planet.  What could be better.  This episode summarizes the points in my Vegefest Presentation at the Punta Gorda, Vegefest.   The risk factors for lifestyle disease, heart disease, and infectious disease outcomes are largely the same.  Controlling a risk factor is not the […]
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Podcast: This is the Time to Take Back Your Health

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  COVID-19 is still on my mind.  It is the first time we have had to confront a significant mortality risk from an infectious disease.  Our ability to fight infection rests with our current state of health.  Diabetes and hypertension as well as other lifestyle diseases are significant risk factors […]
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Podcast: Happy Mother’s Day Special

Welcome! and thank you for listening!. Happy Mother’s day or perhaps Happy Women’s day to all of you who care for humans, animals, neighbors, run households and support others. This is a really short episode wishing all of you a peaceful and healthy day. I hope that includes some exercise because it is important everyday. […]
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Podcast: Sarasota Vegefest and More

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Addie Majnaric RDN and I attended the Sarasota Vegefest last weekend. We had an information tent, and I was on the physician’s speaker panel and 2 of our members were on the success story panel.  I discuss our day and the panel discussions on this podcast.  Who goes to […]
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Podcast: What is on your NOT to DO list?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I am dedicating this episode to a favorite patient, Whinnie.  She will forever inspire me to be a better person each day by serving others, and to live each day to the fullest.  We all have to do lists.  What about what not to do lists.  What could we […]
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Podcast: An Interview with Ocean Robbins: 31-Day Food Revolution

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Today, I am honored to have Ocean Robbins as my guest.  He is the CEO of The Food Revolution Network at If you have not listened to these, I reccommend them.  He and his father interview many inspirational and knowledgable leaders in the healthy food, healthy world arena.   Today […]
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