Podcast: Healthy Vegans!

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Healthy people, healthy animals, and a healthy planet.  What could be better.  This episode summarizes the points in my Vegefest Presentation at the Punta Gorda, Vegefest.  

The risk factors for lifestyle disease, heart disease, and infectious disease outcomes are largely the same.  Controlling a risk factor is not the same as eliminating it.  Just smoking a few cigarettes does not make a lot of progress.  Being physically fit or eating plant based is not as good as being physically fit AND eating plant based.  

We are all on a journey to optimal health and fitness.  You start where you are and make changes.  One step forward at a time.  Enjoy the journey and savor each step as you prepare for the next one.  

Check out our website at to see how we might help you on your journey to health.  While you are there, get your ticket for our Zoom Conference March 25, 2021 to learn how to make sourdough bread and a tempeh reuben sandwich as we discuss health and the gut.  

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    Loved your presentation at the VegFest! I always learn something new. I think having Hutch on a podcast after his first marathon would be awesome. Cheering you both on for a fun and successful marathon.

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    Janet M. Cross

    Great presentation; thank you!

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