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Blogpost: Is Bariatric Surgery as good for Patients as Hospitals?

The first hospitals were Almshouses. They were run predominately by Catholic nuns. No one was turned away, and caring for the sick and the needy was the only focus. Hundreds of years later, and mainly in the last forty years, insurance companies came on the scene and a game began that turned hospitals into corporate, […]
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Blogpost: Hormone replacement and the fountain of youth

How do we do what we want to,  and eat what we want and yet stay young.  Funny thing is we don’t have the desire to be young until our chronologic age is no longer considered young.  Since hormone levels decrease as we age, we assume that it is the hormones that are causing us […]
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Are Kale chips equivalent to Kale salad?

The word “Kale” is not the problem.  It is more that “Chips” bring to mind a better image for most than “Salad”.  Chips mean snack and eat what you want.  Salad is associated with health food and no body wants that. Yet we are all trying to get healthy.   We want health,  but we […]
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Podcast: Sarasota VegFest Recap with Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN

Welcome and thank you for listening. Today I am joined by Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN to discuss our participation and experience at the Sarasota Vegefest. It was there first ever Vegefest and the organizers did a fantastic job. The turnout was marvelous as was the venders and variety of speakers. I would encourage everyone on […]
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Blogpost: Do you want to know an Investment secret?

What is the best investment you can make with regards to your health and the health of your family?  It is not a treadmill or a gym membership.  It is not life insurance.  It is not supplement.  It is fruit.  Colorful fresh or freshly frozen fruit.   The red, purple, orange, pink, green and yellows […]
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Podcast-Mendocino 50K Report

Welcome and thank you for listening. I am an 50K Ultra finisher!. If you have not visited Mendocino, California and would like a vegan destination vacation this is the place. The Standford Inn is a great in that it is entirely vegan and pet friendly. Dog companions are even welcome to join you for dinner. […]
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