Are Kale chips equivalent to Kale salad?

The word “Kale” is not the problem.  It is more that “Chips” bring to mind a better image for most than “Salad”.  Chips mean snack and eat what you want.  Salad is associated with health food and no body wants that. Yet we are all trying to get healthy.   We want health,  but we want it without change or much effort.  We are willing to spend a great deal of time making a desert or snack but think of preparing a meal as a chore.  So eating Kale Chips is still chips and and eating Kale salad is new and different and not a snack food by any means.  If someone sees you snacking on kale salad you will possibly be labeled as sick or dieting.    Hopefully, it will only be temporary so you can get back to chips and regular food.  Ok, how can kale chips be bad doctor? I do not use any oil.  I sprinkle nutritional yeast and maybe some cayenne and bake.  They get crispy and shrink and go down easier than popcorn! So that 2 cups of kale with fiber and water is now less than a half cup of crispy delight.  As a matter of fact, you can eat a whole head because there is no feedback loop in your brain saying I am tired of chewing and feel full from chips but eating the kale raw with all of it’s fiber will stop you from over eating.

Our brain’s ability to reason that vegetable chips are healthy takes no time at all and can get you going down a very dangerous path.  Marketing certainly does not help the situation.  I am guilty of teaching my class that nutritional yeast is good and adds a cheesy flavor to things as well as B12.  I assume that it will be used sparingly and on occasion instead of on food item consumed.  If one begins looking for things to put nutritional yeast on, it could easily lead to over eating and excessive calories.  If it becomes a way to flavor snack food that often over consumed, then we have problems.

Life is busier than every and we look for hacks or shortcuts to health and meal preparation.  I would suggest you give your nutrition top billing in that it is what is going to make you and your family more healthier than any other activity you do on a regular basis.  So enjoy the process and those you share it with. Prepare a meal and take time to enjoy it as well as those around you.

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