Podcast: How to Prevent a Heart Attack

Welcome and thank you for listening. I have been a practicing cardiologist for over 25 years. I am still surprised when I hear people say that they did not expect they or their family members would have a heart attack. They did not see it coming despite all the warning signs. Many people have said that the victim just had a stress test or just received a clean bill of health. How did this happen? Most heart attacks occur from a blockage that was only about 20% the day before. The plaque or raised area in the blood vessel ruptures like a balloon too full of air or from a puncture from a sharp cholesterol crystal. This sets off the clotting mechanisms in the body obstructing the blood flow down the artery. The heart muscle no longer gets oxygen and will die if not restored quickly. How quick depends on how healthy the blood flow system was before the heart attack
In this episode, I will discuss how you can prevent a heart attack and vascular disease affecting other organs. I will also discuss my training and the latest wellness challenge in my membership practice. I’ll bring you up to date on what is cooking in nutrition class and much more.
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