Podcast: Episode 166- What the Fork with Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN

Welcome and thank you for listening. Today is a “What the ForK” episode on supplements. It seems impossible that there are so many benefits from eating a whole foods plant based diet and those claims certainly can generate a lot of discussion and debate. Luckily, there are many scientific papers to back up those claims as well as observational studies of large populations living healthy eating a plant based diet. The sad part is that there is not much money in carrots or cabbage. At is is not mouth watering to look at when presented in the whole form without a cheese sauce or bacon on top of it. But the food manufacturers know there are benefits and still would like to make money on the associated with plant so in comes the powder and supplement markets to make the same thing only better and in a chocolate flavored powder. So we are willing to pay $50.00 for a canister of pea protein but not $2.00 for a bag of peas. Peas are not sexy. Protein powder is. But you miss out on all the other things peas have to offer with only protein portion has been extracted. People hate peas! The protein powder sells. Go figure.
Take it one step further. How about the claims that a particular protein, collagen will be absorbed without being metabolized and taken up where we would like, our wrinkles and skin and make us look younger. Or taken up in the whole form and make us stronger. How about eating powdered bones to make our bones stronger? We all agree that eating protein powder all day long while sitting in a recliner will not make us strong. So how does bone do it.
Today Addie and I will discuss this and more. I hope you enjoy our rant. Please email us with questions at or and visit the website at Also, check out all of the information on Addie’s website at Thank you for listening.

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