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Blogpost: Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Training; They are All the Same

Betty Ford may have been the one to change rehabilitation into a positive word. Rehabilitation used to be associated with substance addiction treatment for the most part. As orthopedic procedures became more advanced and aggressive, rehabilitation was something athletes did. It is now a standard part of orthopedic procedures, and inpatient centers allow patients to […]
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Podcast: ICNM Conference Recap with Addie Majnaric, RDN

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  Today Addie Majnaric RDN joins me as we do a recap of the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine that was held in Washington, DC.  It was a great time once again at a plant based nutrition conference with my favorite dietitian.  This year we were joined by my […]
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Podcast: What Would You Do to Improve Your Athletic Performance?

Welcome! and thank you for listening!.  As an endurance athlete and triathlete, I enjoy watching the Tour de France.  It is perhaps one of the most grueling endurance events that occurs every year.  Performance enhancing, pain deterring drugs have been a part since the inception of the race.  The testing for banned substances usually lags […]
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Podcast: Are you Cheering for Yourself?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   You are running a marathon and it is mile 17.  You can see the wall, and you feel like walking.  As you round the corner, the streets are full of cheering people urging you to go faster.  You pick up the pace.  The pain is gone and you […]
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Podcast: Takeaways for the Week

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  It has been an exciting week launching our book-Plant-based wellness cookbook-three generations of cooking: with the Doctor, the Dietitian, and the Diva.  In this episode I will discuss how my week fit together with new studies about meat, new discussions about the microbiome, and new observations and successes from […]
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Podcast: Sarasota Vegefest and More

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Addie Majnaric RDN and I attended the Sarasota Vegefest last weekend. We had an information tent, and I was on the physician’s speaker panel and 2 of our members were on the success story panel.  I discuss our day and the panel discussions on this podcast.  Who goes to […]
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