Podcast: What Would You Do to Improve Your Athletic Performance?

Welcome! and thank you for listening!.  As an endurance athlete and triathlete, I enjoy watching the Tour de France.  It is perhaps one of the most grueling endurance events that occurs every year.  Performance enhancing, pain deterring drugs have been a part since the inception of the race.  The testing for banned substances usually lags behind the initiation.  This year the talk is about a substance that is not banned, ketone esters.  Does it aide in metabolism translating into improved performance? What would you do to improve your athletic performance?  

Many innovations come from sports.  We all want to emulate the pros, but at what cost? I am not a believer in hacks or shortcuts.  Data on the latest and greatest supplement is often  tainted with bias.  

Most of us participate in sport for the enjoyment and and benefits that come from hard training.  It is our hobby that is supposed to make us healthier, develop a sense of community and entertainment. Attention to breathing and nutrition can have huge gains in sport and in life.  Enjoy my rambling.  

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Email me with questions at  Thank you for listening. 

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