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Podcast: Plant based is Best!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  It is heart month!  There is no better way to reverse and prevent heart disease than eating a plant based diet.  Reduce cholesterol, inflammation, and blood pressure all why decreasing your risk for other lifestyle diseases.  Why does it take a heart attack or stroke to get someones attention?  […]
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Podcast: Can you Feed Yourself ?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! When did you begin to feed yourself?   What exactly does that mean? A Poptart,  a cheese burger and fries and a pizza?  Do you think Hamburger helper makes a meal complete?  Do you think about minerals and vitamins when you plan your meals?  Do you even need to? This […]
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Podcast: Have the Courage and all will be fine

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!  Why do some people seem to make the transition to plant based nutrition so easy and others struggle.  Why does there have to be pain before people make a change.   I have been treating people with lifestyle diseases my whole career, and it has only been since incorporating […]
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Podcast: The Yin and Yang

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Yes and no, black and white, mobile and stiff, yin and yang, win or loose.  What is the penalty for changing your mind?  We all agree change is a must, unless it has to do with your opinion or viewpoint.  We change our hair style and our clothes style. […]
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