Podcast: Silver Rush 50 Mile Run Recap: How it improved my health.

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The Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail race is in the books.  Finish time 13:41:42 .   Third place in the 60-69 age group category.  It was definitely the hardest race I have done to date not only the distance but terrain and altitude.  

There are controversies around running ultra distances.  Is it healthy?  Can it even cause coronary artery disease?  Does it shorten life? I believe that is a reductionist way of thinking about it.  In a time where people are looking for longevity and life “hacks”, the easy way out, and guaranteed outcomes, ultra running certainly is frowned upon.  

After all, who would drive from sea level to a remote area at 10,000 feet to run to 12,000 ft four different times for a distance of 49.2 miles (that is what my watch said).  It was hard and I got tired and dirty.  I was racing the clock to finish within cut off times.  My heart rate was elevated into the 130s for 14 plus hours.  I drained the glycogen from my body.  

I saw some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.  The air was clean and smelled of pine.  The sky was bright blue and the mountain tops were covered in snow.  There were wildflowers growing and clear streams.  There were over 800 runners pushing their limits cheering each other on because it was about doing your best and wanting that for other Leadville family runners as well.  It was dealing with adversity mentally and physically.  Choosing strong over weak.  It was meditation.   It was celebrating a life worth living to the fullest. It was about the joy of being free from the mundane distractions of the world.   It was about being alive and back to nature.  It was regaining what humans were meant to do: move.  Thank you Leadville family for welcoming me with open arms. 

Did my coronary calcium score go up this weekend?  I know my love of life, other humans, and sense of wellbeing did.  That is all that matters.  I hope you enjoy listening to my story of the Silver Rush 50 mile trail race.  

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Book mentioned in podcast: Choose Strong by Sally McRae

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    Charles Culp

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! I cannot imagine running fifty miles on flat land, let alone, high in the Rocky Mountains, Glad that you finished in time and had no major injuries.

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