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I’ve got a run streak going in January.  Strength training on board.  50 mile race in February.  Plant strong!

How long should you take BP medication before your are cured?  How about statins? Possible to stop you ask?  Indeed.  What are the risks vs. benefits.  Did you give informed consent prior to beginning medications? Was the duration discussed? Alternatives.  There certainly is.  

Medial news is presented on TV daily.  How much information are we really getting?  Most of the time it is just the conclusion of a study, and the recommendations derived from that study.  How do percentages apply to you.  Are the benefits and risk the same?  Probably not.  However, you should get to decide.  Your body, your life, and your choice. 

I will be presenting some worrisome data today.  Many people will react differently.  That is fine.  It is expected and welcomed.  We need to have the discussions.  

I believe there is hope for a healthy tomorrow.  We are in control and we make the choices.  I believe plant based nutrition and exercise are at the root of health.  Let us show you how.  Visit the website at to learn more.  Email me at with questions.


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    Cyd Notter

    Thanks for this eye-opening information, I love it when people dig into the research. There are so many sesationalized headlines, it’s easy to see why people are confused. Many of my clients see weight gain and health problems as a ‘rite of passage’ into old age, so thank you for addressing that as well! Also couldn’t agree more that everyone should be presented the risk vs benefits regarding any medical treatment/drug, and then have the right to make their own decisions, AKA informed consent. Thanks again, I enjoyed listening. 🙂

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    I really liked the way you gently make clear, we are responsible for our choices and we need to be prepared and make a plan….. not just for the storms in our lives (hurricanes, snowstorms) but for our longterm health. I never really looked at it that way. I think I tend to live in the moment but it important to play the long game too! As always, thanks for your insight.

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