Blogpost: A few counter points for your carnivore friends

Most lifestyle diseases occur beginning in adulthood around age 40. While genetics do play a small role, the majority of time, the environment is the initiator. In other words, environmental factors accelerate abnormal genes as well as create DNA damage that results in eventual disease.

When it comes to nutrition, people can eat a very poor diet for a long time. The human body is designed to survive extremes. The choice is surviving and declining or thriving. Everyone agrees that fresh vegetables and fruits provide essential nutrients, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals. Even the “Keto” folks eat a little kale and a blueberry or two. But what about the the “protein source”, the politically correct term for animal products? I hear people say they eat “a lot of chicken” and not much red meat. The majority of chickens are factory farmed. They are vitamin D deficient because they don’t see the light of day. They consume a horrible diet for their short lives consisting of feathers, arsenic, bakery byproducts, and GMO cornmeal. They are probably given antibiotics at some point with some birds managing to be deemed antibiotic free for certain days. So consuming chicken provides some protein, fat, and cholesterol with a high does of toxins. I cannot help but think of all the chronic diseases people are lining up for when they form lines around fast food joints to get their “healthy protein”.

Lactating human mothers are advised not to drink alcohol, take medications if at all possible and eat a healthy diet in order not to transmit toxins to their babies. Yet many people consume dairy products that come from cows given antibiotics, growth hormones, and poor diets in addition to the growth factors and hormones needed to grow a large baby cow into a very large cow. Guess what? Those toxins are transmitted as well! Casein is the main protein in cow’s milk and is a stimulator or growth promoter for cancer cell growth as well as inflammation.

So yes, you can eat donuts and chicken wings with a chocolate milk chaser, but make time for a lot of doctors visits and poor health when the metabolic toxins overwhelm your bodies ability to clear and store them.

Or, eat a plate rich in fruits and vegetables and abundant in color. It will keep you smiling and metabolically young as your peers age not so gracefully.

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    Suzanne Matthews

    Totally agree with you,Dr. D………
    Everyone I know except my vegan and plant based friends ,are SICK!
    Their diets are atrocious and they refuse to listen or change…it is their choice…….
    They need YOU in their lives but there is a discipline problem…….sticking to it……..
    I am so grateful for you and tell everyone about you…….

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    When I think of how I ate growing up as a kid, I wish I knew what I know now. When I switched to the Paleo lifestyle in high school and college as an athlete and then just continued eating that way to “stay in shape”, I wish I knew what I know now. I now know that how you look on the outside is no indicator of what is going on inside your body. I know it is going to take some time to reverses many years of unhealthy eating and all the toxics that must have accumulated in my body but it is worth the effort. Your practice, knowledge and community of plant based eaters is priceless. I am running again without pain, when doctors told me to stop running and get a knee replacement. Plant based eating reduces inflammation, I am living example. My motto is eat right move more and have Dr. Dulaney as your doctor! Looking forward to running my first marathon at age 61.

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