Podcast: Confessions of an Unlikely Runner by Dana Ayers

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! When can you call yourself a runner? Do you have to win a race, run a marathon or just show up?  Do you think of running as punishment or something other people do?  

Today’s interview features Dana Ayers, a US Navy reservist, management consultant and you guessed it, runner.  To her, running is an adventure.  A way to explore and face unknowns.  She was not a high school or college runner.  She considers herself a back of the pack runner who takes it all in and enjoys the unexpected experiences along the way.  

This was a fun interview that showcases the need to have fun and joy with a little wellness thrown in.   I hope you enjoy my chat with Dana. 

You can purchase her paperback on Amazon, download the Kindle version and soon listen to the Audible version at

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    Joseph P stamp

    Nice! The endurance events perform a greater function for me than just exercise……the long run, long rides are a complete flush of the mind. I don know another way to allow the mind to open, drain down, work, think, dream, as example.
    It is an amazing process and it is fun o run and or ride with individuals with similar like! I love competition but the common dairy is more rewarding. As example to see someone running riding and feeling their way through the process a a new runner, rider….allows experienced runners, riders to share experiences and develop a way to pass on a passion!
    Hanks for all you do…rare indeed to find a doctor and group like yours with total commitment!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Joseph p. Stamp

    Please let me know where to download my Galmin for mile tracking….last three weeks have been 211-220-235…….

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    Joseph P Stamp

    Thank you Dana for your service!

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