Podcast: Why we look like our dogs, but should eat like herbivores.

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. Who domesticated who? Our canine friends are most likely descendants from wolves over 14,000 years ago. In fact, when people say you look like your dog, they are not that far off genetically when you look at our shared microbial DNA. Some of my veterinarian collogues are realizing the importance of nutrition when it comes to canine health. They too have very little nutrition training and are swayed by industry when it comes to marketed food and supplement products. Both the canine and human species are very resilient and can survive on a wide range of diets for some time before adverse health effects start to occur. How do we care for our animal companions and ourselves with regard to optimal health and wellness? It is a path with many questions and challenges. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about what I have learned and experienced. Please check out our website at Email me at Thank you for listening!
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    Cheryl Miklaszewski

    Interesting and thought provoking…great podcast!

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    Suzanne Matthews

    I have always wondered what is the beginning process of making dog and cat food………….where explicitly does it come from and the process and steps it takes to get to the grocery stores…….

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      Dr. Dulaney

      downer cows, packaging containers, and various other non human grade products. Perhaps the worst part is the high temperature and then rancidity of ingredients.

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