Duct tape or Cure

“The patient has had stability of cardiac status on current medication schedule. The current medication regimen will be continued”. That was noted in a medical chart by a cardiologist. The reality is the same quote could be found in many charts, and most physicians and chart reviewers would be quite content with the statement. But do we really want a “cardiac status” and is it really “stable”? Nothing stays as it is in reality and that is surely true for vascular health. There is not a medication that inhibits plaque and inflammation from entering the blood vessel wall and there is not a medication that dissolves the plaque and inflammation that is in there already. So stable? A person could have a BP of 200mmHg and a cholesterol of 250mg/dl and not have symptoms so their cardiac status would be stable? I submit that the answer to both questions is no. This is permission to stick ones head in the sand and not address the fact that we can make things better. A whole foods plant based diet with no processed oil has been shown to reverse vascular disease and decrease cardiac events. But it takes time and effort on the part of the patient and the physician. We believe you are worth the time and effort to optimize your health and wellness and not just ignore the silent progression of disease until serious damage has been done.

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