Podcast: Addie Majnaric, RDN and I Interview Jason Bronstad, CEO of Malk Organics.

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  How do you pick a milk alternative?

Today Addie Majnaric, RDN and I have the pleasure of speaking with Jason Bronstad who is the CEO of Malk Organics.  Malk is a plant based milk alternative that is made from just three ingredients:  organic almonds, water and Himalayan pink sea salt or organic oats, Himalayan pink salt, and water.

Most of us have transitioned from the standard American diet to plant based diet.  Jason is no different.  He saw a version of himself in photos that made him want to change directions not only for himself but the health of his family.  The transition can be fraught with stumbling blocks.  Just because a product is vegan does not mean it is healthy.  Just because an ingredient originates from plants, does not mean that is has not been altered in ways that may make it much less healthy. 

When you see the ingredient Xanthium gum, you cannot be sure that the source of the glucose used to ferment it with a bacterial organism does not come from a genetically modified or pesticide modified corn, wheat or soy.  A little may not be of too much concern.  However, no one knows what a lot is and how it may interact with other ingested ingredients. 

Your best bet is to keep things a simple as possible or in their most natural form.  Malk is a such a product.  Organic almonds or organic oats.  Pure and simple. 

I hope you enjoy the interview. Thank you for listening. 


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    Can’t wait for Malk to show up at Publix stores in February! I did look it up and found that I could find it right now at Earth Origins in Port Charlotte or Whole Foods … I am off to try to find it today! Food fun adventure!
    Thanks for introducing u to new and fun/healthy things to try.
    BTW —- Just love the promotional picture 🙂

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    Charles Culp

    Thanks for the great interview! Sounds like a wonderful, simple product. Fifty years ago, my late wife and I were making our own alternative to bovine mammary secretions. Three ingredients, also. Soy flour, water, and salt. Tasted a lot like chalk, but the digestive issues that I experienced for the first 20 years of my life disappeared.

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