Podcast: Are You at Risk for Anemia Because of Your Diet?

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You had better be careful eating that plant based diet.  You could be deficient in all kinds of things.  You could even be anemic?  Are you tired?  Perhaps you suffer from iron deficiency.  These statements are all possible; if you eat a vegan diet of Oreos and vegan deli slices. 

Iron is vital to a whole host of reactions in and out of the body.  Have you ever seen rust?  It is vital to make red blood cells, repair DNA and metabolize nutrients.  It is also very hard to get rid of especially if you are a male.  So before your health care provider starts to worry you, listen to this podcast and find out if your are at risk.  

Why is there a national donut day and not a fruit day?  Why are people afraid of fruit?  Is eating fruit flavored things the same as eating fruit?  That seems to be just fine in mainstream information.  No one has blamed donuts for causing cancer.  In fact they have a holiday.  Why not fruit?  

Doctor: you are gaining weight.  Patient: It is the fruit.  The answer is in the podcast.  

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    Darlene Head

    I am interested in your newsletter that is something new from this site. How do I find out about it including the cost?

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Go to the join page. Thanks for the inquiry. If you would like a phone consult to discuss, call 941-235-9231

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