Blogpost: Boosting Immunity and Have Faith

Somewhere along the way, we lost our childlike faith that our bodies are amazingly resilient and can handle most of what our environment throws at us. Perhaps it was after a trauma or just living enough years to know that bad things can happen to good, unsuspecting people. Of course there is another way to look back on life experiences that shows resiliency despite the odds.

These days we are bombarded with statistics and numbers reflecting disease and death. It is more like a 20% chance of rain as opposed to an 80% change of sunshine. Negative news gets our attention. It invites fear and anxiety into our lives. We feel like victims waiting to be saved by a cure that will never be able to promise a complete cure. There will be risks and challenges in life but we are in charge of how we perceive and react to them.

I believe it is time to look at what you can do to achieve the best health possible in order to make the challenges of living a positive opportunity. We do not have to go to the drug store for Vitamin D. It is a free commodity right outside your door. It comes with the smell of freshly mown grass and singing birds. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to smile and greet someone passing by. Those positive endorphins build strength and vitality. Being outside will help to stimulate your immune system to be strong. Small doses of microbes in the air lets your immune system flex its muscles without being overwhelmed. If you don’t use it, you loose it. Moving about outside clears the cells of metabolic wastes that have been accumulating over the years allowing the body to have energy to take on future challenges. Our cells can continue to renew given the right stimulus and environment. Increasing your core temperature while exercising not only burns off some excess fat stores but stimulates your immune system to keep your microbes in balance. Eating vegetables and fruit will provide the same antioxidant protection to our bodies that they did for the plants themselves. The key is a variety of color each day and in a naturally occurring form. Bing present and grateful during mealtime will improve digestion and absorption of the nutrients in your food. You are the director of your health and positive mental attitude. There is a 98% chance that you will be able to clear COVID without hospitalization if infected. We do not want you to become ill, but how you care for your body each day will play a vital role in how you face the challenges of tomorrow. Face every challenge life has to offer by being confident that you have prepared your body with plant strong nutrition and exercise. Be well, be strong, and be grateful.

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