Podcast: Eliminating Zombie Cells

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We age and our cells age.  About every three months our red blood cells turn over for example.  What happens to the old cells? How do we eliminate them?  Our immune system plays a vital role in eliminating old cells or senescent cells.  Unfortunately, our immune system also slows down so we start to accumulate these “zombie” senescent cells.  This month Nature magazine discusses new drugs and repurposed drugs to eliminate these cells.  However, these medications also have side effects and substantial costs.  Since we all age, should everyone start these medications or do we wait until there is a problem like diabetes, Alzheimers, or vascular disease?  Another alternative might be to decrease the amount of zombie cells in the first place or protect our immune system so it functions longer.  

You guest it.  Nutrition and exercise play a key role as an alternative to decrease zombie cell accumulation.  

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