Podcast: Cruel Jewel 50 Mile Ultra Run Was Cruel to Me

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I was fortunate to go to Blue Ridge and Blairsville Georgia this past weekend to toe the line at the Cruel Jewel 50 mile ultra race.  The ultra running community are my people.  Tenacious, positive, and tremendous athletes all humble at the same time.  It did not goes as I would have wished for, but it did go for how I was trained.  I got to see where I was at a fitness level and experience some of the most beautiful and peaceful forests.  That area crosses the Appalachian trail.   People on the trail give other hikers trail names.  I had a trail angel this weekend.  I gave him the name of Russ Angel because of time he gave to rescue me and others after we pulled the white flag.  I hope you enjoy my trail tails.  It was a great weekend despite coming up short.

Ultra running and life are so much alike.  You need a plan and you need to work the plan.  When it does not work, you need to adjust the plan.  The bottom line is forward progress.  Maybe not that day, but the next day it is time to get back on the journey whether it is trail or health.  If you would like some help with your health journey, visit our website to fine out how you can join our practice. 

Thank you to Russ Marlowe and Sandy Geisel for your support.  Shout out to Rich and Tony and the swanky red pick-up.  Thank you to Sarah Snyder and her staff as the race director.  Like Sarah says, poor decisions make for better stories.  She is most famous for saying, try not to be an asshole.  Words to live by.  Thank you. 

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    I was so looking forward to listening to this podcast and it was not disappointing! You made us feel like we were there with you running the race. I do have to say at times I was thinking…….” WHY?” Why run this far? Why run in such icky conditions? Why run when you are not feeling 100%? Then I remember how important it is to set uncomfortable and challenging goals. I think you do such a good job trying to teach (and demonstrate) to all of your members to try things you are not sure you are able to do. Test your mind, test your body and learn that is ok to fail……failure is not to try!
    I did chuckle when you said, “Never again!” and then the next day you thought…. redemption! I thought, “Why?”
    I am not sure I will ever understand being an Ultra Athlete but I do understand the idea of sometimes saying…. “Why Not me?”
    Heal fast!

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    Suzie Matthews

    If anyone can do this and make a comeback it is YOU…this is your ULTRA passion…… ‘s what you love,live for and breath every day…
    Great story…you lived it with many more to come….you know how to heal the RIGHT way..the best way… just had a “ trikey terrain”……
    And a Happy Birthday to your beautiful Addie and to little Caleb (Kaleb?
    Being with family will heal you as well!!! KUDOS!

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