Podcast Episode 182-Ironman Chattanooga Recap

Welcome and thank you for listening. In this episode I recap my sixth Ironman Finish in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is my third time racing in Chattanooga. It is a great town with friendly people and offers a lot of great places for plant strong eating. I am not going to give the race details away hear but I hope you enjoy my struggles and triumphs. Every race offers a good story and plenty of challenges not unlike life itself.
Favorite restaurants we ate at: or Cashews and or Taziki’s.
Places to visit: Chickamauga, Georgia-minutes from Chattanooga and sight of Civil War Battlefield.
How to follow an Ironman race:
I believe that plant based nutrition is the key to health and wellness and is certainly a must for endurance sports. If you are interested in making plant based nutrition a part of your preparation for endurance events check out our website at or email me with any questions at I would love to hear from you.

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