Podcasts: A Mile at a Time with Travis and Mark Macy. A Journey with Alzheimer’s.

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Today, I have two special guests, Travis, and Mark Macy.  They have joined me to discuss their new book, One Mile at a Time.  It is a chronicle of Mark Macy’sjourney with his family after an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s at age 60.  Mark or Mace, as his endurance friends call him was a successful practicing attorney at the time of his diagnosis.  He has been doing ultra-endurance events for 30 years including the Leadville 100-mile race and many Eco challenge races since the 1980s.  The Eco challenge races are stage races that occur over the course of 10 days or more covering over 400 miles by rafting, mountain biking, hiking through jungles, and climbing as a team while navigating through those areas with a compass and map.  

There are many forms of dementia with Alzheimer’s comprising the majority.  The diagnosis used to be made after autopsy in patients with memory loss. Now MRI scans can distinguish the formation of beta amyloid proteins and Tau proteins in the specific areas of the brain.  Other forms of dementia include those do to microvascular disease, degeneration of specific areas of the brains such as the hippocampus, or the frontotemporal regions.  Many dementias are multifactorial, and Parkinson’s disease can progress to dementia as well.  Most of the treatments to date slow the progression at best and are aimed at the abnormal amyloid and tau proteins.  However, new research is pointing in the direction of a metabolic component involving the mitochondria.  Just as in diabetes, the ability of the brain to use glucose and process lactate seems to be impaired in many cases. 

To me the metabolic component gives great hope to the prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia through lifestyle changes such as exercise and nutrition.  We will discuss these topics and more.  My email is with any questions. 


A Mile at a Time

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    Joni and Scott rund

    My husband has been diagnosed with FTD and Alzheimer’s He is 64
    Who knows which, I suppose it’s all under the umbrella
    Marks story has inspired us
    We just did a 29029 Everesting challenge
    I hope when he reads about Marks journey, it will inspire him to work a little harder

    • Reply
      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you for the comment. I believe there is hope. Plant based nutrition , movement and social engagement are key pillars of care. There is something to enjoy each day

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