Podcast: If I would only have….

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If I knew now what I didn’t know then.  Have you said that before?  We learn as we go.  The key is to keep learning and observing.  

Do you have indigestion?  GERD?  The answer to eliminating it is in this episode. 

Why don’t we worry about our genetics until something goes wrong?  We like our genes as long as we are healthy and then blame them for most of our health woes.  Do genes fail? Is that the reason why it takes bad genes so long to appear.  We surely didn’t cause them to fail.

If obesity is caused by bad genes, then why has it taken genetics so long to result in the obesity epidemic we have today? 

Do you eat soy?  Is it safe for everyone?  Is it a good protein or good carbohydrate.  Is it a good fat?  You may be pleasantly surprised.  

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