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Podcast: Enough Mitochondria

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The health buzz word is often centered around getting enough of… Enough protein, sleep, calcium, or even sleep.  In our material worlds we  often have so much of that there has been the development of an industry for storage units.  We have so much that we need off site […]
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Podcast: Leadville Trail Marathon Recap

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  This episode is a recap of the Leadville Trail Marathon located at Leadville, Colorado.   It is the highest elevation marathon in the United States at 10,000 ft climbing to Mosquito pass at 13.186 ft.  Finish time: 8:41:46 Distance 26.4 miles covered 552 people completed the marathon.  43 Did not […]
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Podcast: Your Health, Your Decision

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. I’ve got a run streak going in January.  Strength training on board.  50 mile race in February.  Plant strong! How long should you take BP medication before your are cured?  How about statins? Possible to stop you ask?  Indeed.  What are the risks vs. benefits.  Did you give informed […]
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Podcast: Magic Menu

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   Magic menu, magic health, magic weight loss: I have all the answers! Even David Copperfield will tell you that it is just an illusion.  Perhaps that is what keeps us coming back.  The belief that we can be surprised before our very eyes.  The truth is that a magician […]
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Blogpost: Too Young to Die

I never thought it would be this soon. He wasn’t in very good health, but I didn’t think he would die. Those words are all too familiar. Too young, too soon. What could have been done. I became a physician to try to decrease the times those words would be spoken. Thirty four years later […]
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