Podcast: Practice Choosing Hard Things

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We have so many nutritional options and things to choose leading to confusion and indecision.  There is more dietary advise advertised than just about anything else.  Eating is glamorous, social, and is portrayed as having a large role in our overall happiness.  Admitting that our food choices play a large role in our overall health is not the reality most people want to hear.  

How many times have you said, we eat better than we used to?  We eat better than other people.  We don’t eat fast food.  I need a cheat day.  I need a food reward.  Eating healthy is boring and takes too much time to prepare.  I am not a kitchen person.  

Meanwhile, people are joining gyms and trying to get healthy.  No one enjoys taking medications.  So we try to improve our nutrition for a few days or weeks then it is back to the old habits.  Why?  Why can’t we stick with it? We blame others for sabotaging us, though we always have a choice.  We call the right choice the hard choice.  Hard, is hard to do for a long time so we need a break.   We need to practice hard because easy comes naturally.  I will give you a little secret.  Choosing hard brings long lasting satisfaction and spills over into every aspect of our lives.  Before long, you will be looking to choose hard things. 

Sugar highs are temporary, health highs last a lifetime. Practice choosing hard.

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    Cyd Notter

    Great article! I advise people not to think of it as HARD, but to just think of it as DIFFERENT. Most times, it’s only as hard as we mentally make it. Or those Limiting Beliefs creep in. But once we’re over the learning hump, it becomes second nature 🙂

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