Podcast: Enough Mitochondria

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The health buzz word is often centered around getting enough of… Enough protein, sleep, calcium, or even sleep.  In our material worlds we  often have so much of that there has been the development of an industry for storage units.  We have so much that we need off site storage.  Like being plant based, the minimalist movement sounds attractive but few pull it off.  So we justify why we need or like more of….

One thing that has not been demonstrated to be too plentiful is the little organelle inside our cells, called the mitochondria.  One of its most important jobs is to generate energy from the food that we take in.  As we age and loose muscle mass we also loose mitochondria.  As we accumulate more metabolic waste, the mitochondria we do have start to malfunction.  These processes lead to  most of the lifestyle diseases we have .  

VO2 max is one function that is related to our mitochondrial density.  When our cells do not get oxygen they ultimately die.  Life long exercisers tend to retain their VO2 max or the maximum amount of oxygen their body can utilize better than age matched sedentary individuals.  

Enjoy the discussion on how we might retain and even gain in our VO2 max and how it might help us to be more healthy. 



Thanks for listening. 

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