Podcast: Magic Menu

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   Magic menu, magic health, magic weight loss: I have all the answers!

Even David Copperfield will tell you that it is just an illusion.  Perhaps that is what keeps us coming back.  The belief that we can be surprised before our very eyes.  The truth is that a magician has to perform a trick 1000s of times before it is truly magical.  We only focus on the finished product.  We want to look behind the curtain, but the reality is that we really only want the magic. 

I will give you instructions for the magic menu in this podcast.  You have to practice the performance.  

Addie Majnaric RDN and I will be doing a little magic September 30, 2021  with a live Zoom Nutrition Conference on fall foods.  We will help you to prepare for the fall cooking season, and help you change up some fall menu favorites.  Go on over to to purchase tickets.  You will receive a zoom invitation for the live event and have access to the recorded version for a week.  We will be taking questions during the conference and a week after, and we will send you all of the recipes.  It can be your magic fall menu!  Email me with questions at

Thanks for listening!

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