Podcast: Leadville Trail Marathon Recap

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This episode is a recap of the Leadville Trail Marathon located at Leadville, Colorado.   It is the highest elevation marathon in the United States at 10,000 ft climbing to Mosquito pass at 13.186 ft. 

Finish time: 8:41:46

Distance 26.4 miles covered

552 people completed the marathon.  43 Did not finish.

133 finishers over the age of 50. 

1 70 year old man finished as oldest finisher. 

Predictors of slower time: Not living at altitude and over 50. 

Lessons learned:

Hill training important

Rock training equally important

Plans to improve:

Hill training

Strength training for foot speed

Balance and mobility training for uneven terrain

Nutrition discussion: Herbs and spices to improve immune function.

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