Podcast: The Power of Mushrooms

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  When I was growing up, mushrooms were something that you got on a pizza when you progressed from straight pepperoni.  They were usually from a jar or can and were nothing spectacular to look at.  I believe that is where they got their bad wrap.  The other place I started seeing mushrooms were on a fancy spinach salad.  They were fresh and thinly sliced but raw.  Not a lot of taste but they made the salad pretty.  

Raw mushrooms are actually toxic due to a surface chemical called agaratine.  It is destroyed by cooking a few minutes.  In addition, most of the nutrients associated with mushrooms are released after heating.  

I will give you a few more reasons to put a variety of mushrooms on your plate and even perhaps in your coffee!

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Perhaps it is time to get healthy.  Thank for listening. 

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