Blogpost: Fear of not getting enough

You know the vegan drill. Where do I get my protein? How about calcium? What about good fats? Will I be hungry? Will I be satisfied? Yes, satisfaction is the real problem that is feared when considering becoming a plant strong vegan.

I heard a discussion about food deserts. It is a real problem in some rural or intercity areas where there is not fresh produce available. Discount chain stores that sell cheap packaged foods that are far more profitable than produce make it hard for small grocery stores offering produce to stay in business. Even if people just shop the paper products at discount stores, it still makes it difficult for local grocery stores to stay in business. So a lot of people do not have easy access to fresh produce. At least that is the argument. We vote with our dollars whether we are big business or individuals. If you want good produce, you need to support the people that sell it. If you choose boxed foods, processed foods, and fast foods then there will be more of those options to select. We want what we want, when we want it. It is easy to fall into the habit of window food rather than making the effort to purchase vegetables and prepare them. We expect to have the option even if we do not utilize it, but it just doesn’t work that way when it comes to businesses.

We still have the “worry” about not getting enough. We want our “fair share”. We accumulate metabolic waste products in our bodies like we accumulate things in our houses. Most of us are overstocked. I understand that it may not have been that long ago that some may have experienced what it is like to not have enough. Those memories drive us to accumulate things just in case. It becomes an overwelming focus to get enough or to have plenty.

Perhaps it is time to take a more minimalist approach. Instead of extra cheese, and double stuffed crust, we could choose to eat whole foods without high calorie dense sauces. By choosing simple whole foods we can clear some of the clutter from our body’s storage sites that include our arteries as well as our midsections. Menu plan before going to the grocery store so that you purchase what you need instead of bulk purchases of prepared foods that contain empty calories. For those of you that get “bored” with the same “salads” every day, pick a new recipe to make on the weekend that is a challenge and add variety. Have three or four salad versions that you like to alternate with during the week. Combine those options with 3 or 4 soups that you enjoy and you will be on your way to a healthier simpler you. It is a little funny that we never get bored with the fast food menus even though they don’t hardly change from place to place.

Vote for health with your dollars by selecting vegetables and fruit. If your plate is colorful, then there is a great chance you are getting enough of the right nutrients. If you are looking for more, try more fiber or more exercise.

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    Katherine Caldwell (Fort Myers)

    Love the comment & thought, “We accumulate metabolic waste products in our bodies like we accumulate things in our houses. Most of us are overstocked.” I am doing my annual clean out, clean & donate project to de-clutter & get rid of things I just don’t use any more. Let someone else use them, as my trash is someone’s treasure. I will ask myself now when acquiring something or wanting to eat more if I’m overstocked!

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