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Does fine print equal white lies? If products were labeled with serving sizes that are realistic, would there be less purchases? Why must we play the game of catching the ingredients we wish to avoid? Most people just elect not to read the labels and assume that it would not be sold if it were harmful? It seems everyone is in a rush. We don’t have time for things that don’t bring instant gratification.

The internet is full of life hacks and quick meal services. We are told we need to be comfortable and happy. You only live once. Indulge yourself. No time for details. How could a little bit of something bad matter in the long run? It is easier to please our children with treats than to take time to educate them on the benefits of eating healthy.

It all adds up. We love to blame the marketers, the restaurants, and the medical community, but who holds their feet to the fire? You did not read the fine print. You did not ask questions. You fell for the hack. You were happy for the quick fix. You were happy believing it was not your fault. You were hacked. They should not be allowed. Who are they anyway?

They are us. They turn a blind eye to what is really in the store purchased cake? They, take a bit of this or that now and then. They, forget what they had for dinner last night. They, are in a hurry and don’t see the oil or harmful chemicals in the product. They, can’t wait to make the calorie dense creations that look good on Instagram or Pinterest. But it is only a little bit. How could it hurt?

What we choose should reflect our goals not the goals of merchants, restaurants or friends. It has been estimated that the average person has to make 35,000 decisions each day. What most people do not realize is that nutrition decisions are some of the most life changing decisions we make each day. As a parent, it is the biggest decision we make for our children on a daily basis. Happy meals and nuggets pave the way for future poor nutritional decisions and poor health. We have to eliminate some of the nutritional clutter. Staying away from boxes or prepared foods will eliminate a lot of decisions with regard to reading the labels and deciding the lessor of evils. If you cannot see what is in a food, chances are it is made the Standard American way loaded with oil, salt, sugar and eggs. The term junk food means junkie non nutrition foods. No decision is needed to rationalize this one is better than that one. Rice cake, energy bar, breakfast cookie, cauliflower crust all mean multiple ingredients that are not nutrient dense. Whether you are trying to reverse a lifestyle disease or maximize athletic performance, it is best to stick with limited ingredients so you can remember what you ate and assess what works, and readjust to meet your needs. If you have to read a paragraph of ingredients, it will probably not serve you.

Unfortunately, everybody wants you on their team and it is almost a sure bet that you will not read the fine print that is on the small label. Statistics favor the purchase with a mouthwatering picture or the blowing of tasty aromas into the parking lot. It is not easy. Limit your choices to those that matter most and serve you best. The merchants need to work to please your demands and not fool you into quick decisions. Every one gets fooled some of the time. Don’t be the one who’s health suffers because it is most of the time.

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    Jim Lee

    Well said, I am sending it off to my grandchildren.
    Thank you.

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    This was a great blog to remind us to read the label AND to be aware of what individuals (even, unfortunately, other health care professionals recommend for you—–Especially, if they are not Plant based SOS!). I was recently recommended a supplement by a health care professional with the intent of helping my overall health. I did asked a few questions but when I got home and read the bottle, it was all plant based but it contained all extracted oils.
    Always research it, get a second opinion from a plant based expert and ask questions. Needles to say, I need to return the supplement and return to focusing on the food I put in my mouth.

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