Episode 127-with Dr. Scott Stoll; 1994 Olympian and Plant Based Physician

I often say during my talks that if your doctor does not personify the health you would like to have then find another doctor. No worries with Dr. Stoll. A 1994 USA bobsled team member that still looks like he could take on the course. Thanks in large part to adopting a plant based lifestyle early in his medical career. He was not satisfied with traditional medicines inability to help his patients. He listened to them and searched for a solution. And like me his practice was of medicine was uplifted when he started to teach the importance of a plant based way of life. In his book: Alive, A Physician’s Biblical and Scientific Guide to Nutrition he links taking care of ones health to stewardship for others. We were only given one body and we cannot help those around us if we are unhealthy and continuously feeling poorly. The average lifespan is somewhere around 80 years or 29,200 days. As he states those of you listening have probably used up a fair number of those days already. Time flies. In order to cherish each of our days and live well until our time is up we need to be healthy. Dr. Stoll is a physical medicine doctor that deals with patients often suffering from skelatal pain. Improving blood flow to our bones and muscles as well as our organs can decrease inflammation and make arthritis and nerve pain much better. I hole you enjoy our conversation. Check out his webiste and for more information. Please visti my website at to find out about the online educational and coaching opportunities. I also post many of my meals on Instagram at Jaimeladulaney. Feel free to email me at

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