Episode 128-Excusitarian-It is Hard to Eat Healthy When Traveling

Welcome to another episode in the series with Timaree Hagenburger RD on Excusitarians. Today we discuss the excuse: It is hard to eat healthy traveling. It is one of the biggest problems people note trying to eat plant based but it is also universal to even eating a “perceived” healthy diet. We often give in before we start collecting snacks and junk food, planning our stops at fast food restaurants or diners. Or even just not planning and then getting really hungry and grabbing the first quick greasy thing that we get well marketed whiff of. You know the drill. Driving and getting hungry and then stopping when you see the infamous bill board luring you into trouble. Next time try planning ahead. We give you some tricks of the trade to carry with you to decrease those weak moments with the smells of fast food can be overwhelming. Remember we want every day filled with nutrients rich vegetables and fruits brightly colored representing abundant phytonutrients and antioxidants. You will feel better and enjoy your travel more if you are not brought down by greasy salty sugary snacks and fast food harboring chemicals and bacteria. You spend time and money to plan a vacation so add just a little time to plan good nutrition so that you have energy to enjoy yourself. Check out Timaree’s article as well as You can follow her on Twitter @TheNutriProf as well. Please check out my and feel free to email me at with questions. Thank you for listening. We would love a 5 star rating on iTunes to help spread the word. Be healthy, naturally.

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